Texas A&M In the Rankings

While College Station residents already believe that Texas A&M University is the very best, it seems that other people are starting to take notice. There have been many news articles and lists released lately ranking Texas A&M nationally, and we are here to highlight some of our favorites.

3rd in Wall Street’s Student Engagement

The Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education ranked Texas A&M as no. 3 in the category of overall student engagement. This category placed the university against both public and private schools. Based on terms such as student recommendations, interaction among teachers and students, number of accredited programs, and the likeliness to recommend their university to others. But really, with a ring like that, who wouldn’t recommend Texas A&M to their friends?

4th in Washington Monthly’s Top 20

Ranked higher than any other public university in the nation, Texas A&M came in at no. 4 in Washington Monthly’s Top 20 list. These rankings were based on three categories: social mobility, research, and service. Overall this ranking was determined by each university’s contribution to public good. Texas A&M was the only school from Texas to make this list.

8th in Money Magazine’s Best Colleges for Big Paychecks

Texas A&M came in at no. 8 in Money Magazine’s top 25 “Best Colleges for Big Paychecks” rankings. Texas A&M’s net 20-year return-on-investment is a whopping $569,000. This number was determined by taking how much more the average Aggie earns than a high school graduate, minus how much was paid for the degree.

As you can see, being an Aggie pays off in more way than one. Which ranking are you most excited about? What makes you proud to be an Aggie?