Sweet Home College Station

The 12 Best Parts About Living in College Station

Aggies are proud when it comes to everything: our football team (even when we blow the number four ranking), our campus (even if it’s not the prettiest out there), and our town, because after all “Sweet Home College Station” is how the song goes, right? But what really makes College Station so “sweet?” Why do students love it so much that we stay around for multiple victory laps? Here’s a list of what our Campus Homes team thinks are the 12 best parts of living in College Station.

1. Kyle Field

Because what’s better than 102,733 Aggies wrapping their sweaty arms around each other as we “Saw Varsity’s Horns Off?”

 2. The Queso

It’s one of the greatest debates among A&M students: Torchy’s vs Fuego. Everyone has their favorite cheesy concoction but where you go is up to you. No matter what, your mouth will be happy and your stomach full.


3. The Dresscode








Are you wearing pants? Are you not? No one knows, no one cares.

4. Northgate

If the Aggies win we go, if the Aggies lose we go.

5. Sweet Eugene’s

It’s like having your very own Central Perk. Except everyone’s studying..

6. Downtown Bryan

Visiting here is like stepping back into time. From First Fridays to ice cream shops and everything in between, a trip to to this part of town never disappoint.

7. Layne’s

Yes, other cities have that other place, but Layne’s was the original home of crispy fingers and mystery sauce. Best of all, it originated in College Station and that is where it’s stayed. This signature chicken finger box cannot be found anywhere else.

8. Lake Bryan

Whether it’s soaking up the sun with some friends or attending a concert at the Ice House, Lake Bryan has something for everyone. It’s College Station’s very own oasis.

9. The Tap

From karaoke nights on Mondays, to the piano man on Wednesdays, The Tap is always one of the best places to go and hang out with friends in the midst of a stressful week.

10. Hurricane Harry’s

Head on over to Hurricane Harry’s to dance and see concerts from your favorite Texas Country music artists.

11. The People

Yes, it may feel like it’s full of cult members, but College Station is home to some of the friendliest people you can meet.

12. Texas A&M University

Because after all, College Station wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the university that started it all.