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It’s about that time of the semester when every student seems to fall into a slump. The holidays are approaching, which means an abundance of Thanksgiving food, long lists of Christmas shopping errands, and bringing in the New Year with a bang. Motivation to study is at an all-time low with your mind already drifting into vacation, but do not worry, our team of Campus Homers has come up with a list of our 5 favorite study tips and tricks to help you make it through!

Use Flashcards

Not only are flashcards a great way to memorize key terms and formulas, they are also a quick and easy way to study on the go! Writing out the flashcards is a form of studying in itself, while the repetition of using them helps build quick recall.


Highlighters are not just colors to make your notes look pretty. Highlighters are a great and effective way to color code notes and textbooks. Develop a color guide such as blue for titles and headlines, yellow for vocabulary terms, orange for the definitions and explanations of vocabulary terms (orange explains yellow), and pink for other important notes, etc. Having a set color code will help you memorize and recall key concepts.

Take Power Naps

Feeling groggy? Take a quick 10-20 minute nap! Pro tip: Drink the energy beverage of your choice right before your nap to wake up feeling extra refreshed and energized. The key is to not let yourself sleep too long, or you may wake up feeling even more tired than before.

Study in Intervals

Studying in 20-60 minute intervals with 10-15 minute breaks in-between. Use your breaks to walk around or take a step outside for a change of scenery. The interval method helps to retain info without getting burned out of studying too quickly.

Bribe Yourself

Set rewards for yourself to maintain motivation while studying. For example, give yourself a piece of candy for every 10 pages of your textbook read. This method really incentivizes you to keep studying. It may sound silly, but if you don’t motivate yourself to study, who else will?

We hope that these study tips help you make it through the mid-semester slump! In the meantime, check out our Pinterest for more studying inspiration!

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