Move in Tips and Tricks

Move-In day is approaching and our team at Campus Homes has come up with some life-saving tips! These are ideas we have used or seen on Pinterest that we think can help you! For even more ideas, check out our “Move-In” Pinterest board!

Color Code Your Items

This will make sorting and unpacking a breeze. Carry the colored box to its coordinated room and you’re good to go!

Pack Your Clothes on Hangers

Packing your clothes on hangers will make it easy to put them straight into your closet. The trash bags will keep your clothes clean and make them easier to carry!


Plastic Wrap Your Drawers

Plastic wrapping your drawers will prevent you from losing anything in the process. It will also make sure the drawers don’t slide open when you’re driving to your new place.


Go Through Your Things Before

Be sure to sort through your items when packing. Create boxes for trash, recycling, and donation to toss items you don’t use or wear anymore can be taken care of before having to unpack it all.

Do a Walk-Through

Before you unpack anything do a walk-through of the property. Write down any damages that you see or broken items. Give these to your leasing agent to help ensure that you will not be charged for these when moving out.

Keep Your Jewelry Neat

Use egg cartons to keep earrings from getting lost and caught up in each other. Put necklaces through an old toilet paper roll to keep them from getting tangled. This will potentially save your hours from having to unknot your jewelry after unpacking!

Dress Comfy

It is going to be hot so dress prepared! Girls, do not worry about being “cute” or having your make-up done! Guys, do not wear jeans! You’ll thank us for this when you’re sweating climbing up the stairs.


Now that you’ve seen some of our favorite tips, are there any left out that we should know about? We’d love to hear from you!