How to: React when you receive a bad Christmas gift

Excerpt From: Wikihow / Video courtesy of Vine: Jeff Simmons 

1. Say “thank you”. Regardless of how little you might like the gift (save for the extreme chance that it’s unmistakably offensive), any present is worth a “thank you.” Don’t overplay it or it may seem like you’re trying to cover something up. Look them in the eye and be as direct as you would with any other show of gratitude.

2.React to the thought of the gift. If you struggle to bring a smile to your face to show gratitude for something you’ll never use, or something you never wanted, try to appreciate the thought behind it.

  • “Thanks so much! How did you think of this?”
  • “Thank you for these colorful socks; you know I like to keep my feet warm.”
  • “Thanks for the CD! I’m always looking to expand my collection.”

3. Compliment the gift. This really doesn’t need to be any more than a simple “how nice!” But if you’d like to play it up, engage them about the gift and how they thought of it. Feign interest through questions. This itself is good distraction from discussing whether or not you’ll use it.

4.Re-gift it. If you’re truly aiming to deal with the gift outright, you can always pass it along. A caution, however: don’t get caught doing this.