Decorating on a College Budget

Leasing a new dorm, apartment, or house? Want to make it feel homey, but don’t want to spend all of your money? You’re in college? Your pockets are tight? We understand and we are here to help!

Here at Campus Homes, we know that it can be hard to make your rental feel like home. Some places have restrictions in what you can and cannot do. You can’t use nails? You can’t paint? That’s okay! We have some great tips for you.

For When You Can’t Paint

Flags are a simple and fun way to spruce up any room! Tack one into your wall to show off your school, state, or favorite pro sports team.

The flag pictured above can be ordered through the following link for only $29.95.

Tapestries are a great way to bring some color into a place! Plus, they can be ordered at the size of your entire wall! The one pictured above can be bought through the following link for only $11.99!

Posters can be ordered in all sizes to add some color to any space! Show off your favorite team or landscapes. This one can be ordered in the following link for only $9.99.

Macrame can be a fun DIY project or can be bought online! This wall hanging can bring a bohemian feel to any space, no matter what the wall color. The one above can be found at the following link for only $24.99.

For When You Can’t Use Nails

These little strips can work magic. Command strips come for all weights and shapes of items that you may be hanging. Plus, they peel of clean! No holes or paint chips! Follow the link below to explore them on Target! The following can be bought for $2.99.

This putty can be used for lightweight objects like posters! The great thing about it? It’s re-usable! Take down something and move it somewhere else without having to buy more mounting materials! The one above can be bought using the following link for only $1.87.

Mounting tape is another great alternative to nails. It can be cut to match the length of any item you may be mounting! The type above can be bought at Target for only $3.29.

When the Floor is Ugly

Area Rugs can be pricey, but Rugs USA runs some pretty good deals. The rug above is 4’x6’ and is only $57. This may sound expensive, but check places like Overstock and you will be surprised by how expensive these can be.

When Bedding is Expensive

Finding affordable bedding can be extremely hard. We have searched the web to find some of the best deals for you! We found that Target tends to offer the best prices for comforter sets! Scroll down to see some of our favorite choices for girls’s and guy’s rooms!

This bedding is perfect for a girl’s room! The best part, the twin size starts at only $35.99!

This gray bedding is great for any guy’s room. The simple color will match anything. It comes in all bed sizes with the twin bedding starting at just $35.99!

When You Want to Accessorize

Decorations add up so we have come up with a list of the best places to get deals on art, posters, and other misc. items you may need!

Hobby Lobby runs weekly deals that cannot be beat! Download the app for a free 40% off coupon that can be used once a week on any full priced item!

If you thought Ross was just a store for discount clothes, you thought wrong. Venture to the back to find a large selection of home décor!

This place goes above and beyond when it comes to discounts on home goods! Check their website for weekly deals!

Amazon is one of our personal favorites! With a discounted student account, ordering from Prime is a breeze!

We hope that this article will help ease your shopping for your new home! Are there any other places you like to shop or advice you want to share? We’d love to know! Be sure to follow our Pinterest board for more decorating ideas!