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7 Subscription Boxes For College Students

  To the person who ever said college was easy–   You’re a liar.   College is packed full of late nights at the library, stressful sleep (if you’re lucky and actually get to sleep), and sometimes super rude professors…

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5 Tips For Finding a Home in College

Excerpt from: Zing It’s Never Too Early to Start Looking This can’t be stressed enough. Houses in college towns get snatched up quicker than free food in the kitchen at the office. The earlier you start the better selection you’ll…

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How to: React when you receive a bad Christmas gift

Excerpt From: Wikihow / Video courtesy of Vine: Jeff Simmons  1. Say “thank you”. Regardless of how little you might like the gift (save for the extreme chance that it’s unmistakably offensive), any present is worth a “thank you.” Don’t overplay it or…

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2016 Aggie Basketball

Aggie Basketball has started up again, and we couldn’t be more excited for this season! We’re returning a great group of sophomores that helped us win the SEC and took us to the sweet 16 for the fifth time in school…

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Never Forget – 11.18.99

Excerpt From: Bonfire: Texas A&M University Bonfire Memorial The Bonfire Memorial embodies many layers of meaning associated with the Aggie Spirit—a deep sense of belonging, a strong spirit of teamwork and leadership and an enduring sense of tradition that unites…

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