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Student Discounts Everyone Should Know About

Although being a student is difficult, it has its advantages. One of those advantages is access to a ton of student discounts– which can make a big difference in your wallet. So to help you save money, we’ve compiled a…

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Easy Thanksgiving Recipes

Attending a family gathering, but not sure what to bring? Let’s face it, turkeys are hard so let’s leave those to the pro (aka Grandma), but it still couldn’t hurt to bring a side or dessert! To help you survive…

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Study Tips and Tricks

It’s about that time of the semester when every student seems to fall into a slump. The holidays are approaching, which means an abundance of Thanksgiving food, long lists of Christmas shopping errands, and bringing in the New Year with…

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Staying on Top of Things

College is an exciting time in life, but it can soon become overwhelming with classwork, organization events, work, and so much more–all the while trying to balance a social life. Here at Campus Homes we understand the struggle, many of…

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Quick and Easy Meals

With a busy college schedule, it can be hard to take the time to cook. With the convenience of places like Chick-Fil-A and Dominos, why would you want to cook for yourself? Well cooking does not have to be a…

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Move in Tips and Tricks

Move-In day is approaching and our team at Campus Homes has come up with some life-saving tips! These are ideas we have used or seen on Pinterest that we think can help you! For even more ideas, check out our…

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