7 Subscription Boxes For College Students


To the person who ever said college was easy–


You’re a liar.


College is packed full of late nights at the library, stressful sleep (if you’re lucky and actually get to sleep), and sometimes super rude professors who don’t understand the meaning of the word slack.


So sometimes you just need to treat yourself!

But that isn’t always easy– especially on a strict budget like most college students seem to be. So the students here at Campus Homes have grouped together to come up with a list of the seven best, affordable subscription boxes.

Dollar Shave Club

A classic favorite, the Dollar Shave Club boxes start at $5 a month for the first box and $9 a month for the rest. The first box comes with a specially selected (by you!) razor and a handful of other helpful products. The other boxes come with a full pack of replacement cartridges.


Think this box is just for men? Think again! All the Dollar Shave Club products are unisex which means ladies can also make the most of this box!

For more information, visit www.dollarshaveclub.com.


Blue Apron

This box is especially helpful for a college student struggling to find time to hunt for recipes and cook. Blue Apron has two plans: a 2-person and a 4-person plan. The 2-person plan is $59.94 a week for three meals, and the 4-person plan $139.84 per week. You will choose your recipes online and Blue Apron ships the recipe and its ingredients straight to your door.


If you live with roommates, you can split the cost and the meals, which means it’ll be even cheaper. If it’s just you, that means leftovers!

More information on this can be found here https://www.blueapron.com.

The RunnerBox

This box features 11-14 items selected especially for runners like nutrient bars, snacks, and care items. Priced at $20 a box, you will receive a box once every two months, each box containing different items than the last.

To find out more, click https://www.therunnerbox.com/product/runnerbox/.



The standard Hygge box starts at $28 a month and contains items from around the world that invoke “hyggelig” moments, or, Danish for “enjoying life’s simple moments”. Such items could be lights, hot chocolate, and cookies, but differ month-to-month. There is also a deluxe Hygge box that starts at $39.95 a month with additional items like full-sized candles and organic teas.

To find out more visit https://shophyggebox.cratejoy.com.



K-beauty trends are on the rise and now they can be delivered right to your door! There are two versions of the box: a $13 per month box filled with a variety of masks, and a $22 per month box with full-sized Asian beauty products that range from makeup to skincare products. If you’re a beauty junkie, this box is for you!

More information on Beauteque can be found here http://www.beautequemonthly.com.


Play! by Sephora

At $10 a box, this subscription box is a game changer for anyone who loves makeup. You will go online, make an account, and choose a bunch of products that you really enjoy. Once a month, Sephora sends you a box filled with samples of new and best-selling products that are based on your favorite products from your profile. If that weren’t good enough, the box also comes with 50 Beauty Insider points that are redeemable with any full-sized purchase.

To find out more visit https://www.sephora.com/product/play-subscription-P396286.



If you love to read, but only seem to read textbooks, this is for you! After you sign up and pick the theme of book you’d like to receive, each box is only $10 a month. And you’ll get two books in the box!

To find out more, visit http://www.bookcase.club.